May 19

Linerless labels reduce approximately 30% of packaging waste to landfill

Pressure is mounting to reduce waste across all industries and sectors. Copernus believe any contribution helps when it comes to making sustainable choices.

Dubbed a ‘wonder of the modern age’, linerless labels use an approved material with adhesive strips that reduces approximately 30% of packaging waste to landfill.

Linerless, which is used on a number of Copernus products, offers an eco-friendly efficient replacement for traditional self-adhesive labels and cardboard sleeves.

The labels are supplied to Copernus by ProPrint Group, which is one of only three printers in the UK trusted and approved to print linerless labels in collaboration with Ravenwood Packaging, world leaders in linerless labelling and x-ray inspection systems.

Andy Clark, Sales Manager at Pro Print, says the benefits of using linerless not only impacts the environment but also increases speed on the production line and reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace.

He said: “Label liner can sometimes end up on the print room floor and with its silicone coating, it can leave you open to trips and falls.

“Linerless labels allow for more labels per roll, resulting in longer runs and increased uptime. Quick changeovers mean that line speeds are not compromised, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up and disposing of liner waste. So therefore, an increase in production efficiency is a major advantage.”

Linerless labels are supplied as a continuous printed reel of adhesive label material. A silicone strip is applied on the face of the printed label reel, enabling the label material to release, again eradicting the need for a siliconised liner.

A purpose-built applicator then cuts and applies each linerless label to product packs at high speed, making linerless a highly efficient labelling process. The result for the environment? No backing paper is required, reducing waste to landfill.

Copernus will be talking more about its partnership with Pro Print as it celebrates BBQ Week on May 25, featuring our summer range of salmon skewers.