May 10

ASC ‘most inclusive, transparent eco-certification’ for aquaculture

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has been found to be the industry leader in an independent report from NGO SeaChoice looking at the transparency and accountability of the major aquaculture certification programmes.

The ASC eco-certification is a standard upheld by Copernus year on year. Consultation, transparency, and collaboration are at the heart of the ASC programme.

This has been the case since the organisation was initially founded with the completion of the Aquaculture Dialogues, which brought together a diverse group of experts from industry, science, retail, and NGOs, to develop the ASC’s original standards for responsible farming.

Since then, all standards and the regular standard reviews for the ASC have included proactive and meaningful public consultation.

A ‘Seafood Trends’ has also found transparency as a key factor in encouraging people to eat more seafood. People have gained new insight into what is important and ethically correct. They have also changed their eating and shopping habits.

The report outlines the five most important consumer trends when it comes to seafood:

  • New sales channels – more people are buying seafood online. This trend is fast-moving.
  • Sustainability – more consumers are making choices based on environmental considerations. They are demanding change.
  • Convenience – product and shopping must be simple, affordable and time-saving.
  • Transparency – consumers want more information on how their food is produced.
  • Health and wellness – there is greater focus on what is healthy.

To find out what other key factors people thought should have made the list, visit our LinkedIn page.

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