Copernus: The UK’s leading independent supplier of prepared fish

Copernus are a family owned Fish Processing business based in Kingston-Upon-Hull. We have been in operation since the mid-1980s as a fish wholesaler, and we still operate today with the same family value and ethics as we did in the 1980’s.


We source the very best wild and farmed fish from all over the globe. The majority of this is hand filleted or processed in our BRC Grade AA factory on the Old Dock in Hull.


Our factory has seen significant modernisation over the years to bring us up to date with modern demands of a fish processing factory. This has enabled us to develop a core range of products and are proud to supply some of the largest supermarkets within the UK and Europe.


We pride ourselves on ethically sourcing and supplying fish from sustainable waters, understanding the market and perhaps most importantly, respecting the impact that fishing has on the planet.


We are proud to offer the following fresh or frozen products:

•MSC Cod

•MSC Haddock

•MSC Hake

•MSC Kippers

•Farmed Salmon

•Farmed Seabass


To all of these species we can add the following:

•Smoking, natural or dyed –over beech and oak chippings

•Flavoured marinade

•Flavoured butter

•Sauce sachet

All species can be packed in a variety of different methods from: Darfresh, vacuumed, polystyrene box and shatter pack.


If like us, you pride yourselves on a top quality, high end product. And believe in an honest and reliable working relationship. GET IN TOUCH TODAY! And let us do for you what we do best.


We are also the proud owners of the “Hooked On Fish” Brand. Which has had huge success in 2017. Please click HERE (insert link to Hooked On Fish) for more information.